Whay am I seeing this page?

Why am I seeing this page?

- You are not connected to the SSID "ez@xxxxxx". Check the wireless setting on your device to ensure you are connected to the SSID "ez@xxxxxx" or to the new SSID if you have made any changes on the EzHotspot & EzRepeater

- Remove any LAN cable connecting from the EzHotspot & EzRepeater to a network that provides internet access, for example your existing router. When the EzHotspot & EzRepeater is plugged with a LAN cable to your router, the EzHotspot & EzRepeater become a wireless access point instead

- You may have specified a manual DNS setting in your wireless device. In most cases, wireless devices have automatic Server Assigned DNS settings. If you need to retain the manual DNS settings for certain reason, then type in your browser to access the EzHotspot & EzRepeater

- Enter only ezhotspot.eu or ezrepeater.eu in your browser without the (www) infront.

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